Welcome, 2020! 2019 was such a beautiful year for me and my business. I shot a record (for me) number of sessions, was able to execute a couple of creative ideas I’ve had mulling around for awhile, met so many beautiful new families and got to see so many of my favorite families again, caputured my first birth (welcome Stelio!) took pregnancy announcement photos and newborn photos for two of my favorite people (hey there Maxine!) the list goes on! Needless to say it was an incredible year. It’s wild to think about where I was a decade ago. I was still at WSU spending thousands of dollars I didn’t have to pursue a career I knew wasn’t right. I felt lost, hopeless, aimless, depressed, anxious about my future. This business has truly filled me with a sense of direction. I get to work with some of the absolute kindest people around, I get to capture timeless and priceless moments that they will always treasure. I get to wake up and express my creativity and my passion each and everyday, a privilege I don’t take lightly. I honestly still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I’m someone who gets to pursue this dream job of mine. There are certainly times I don’t feel worthy, of any of this. Instead of getting overwhelmed by feelings of unworthiness (and hello, imposter syndrome!) Lately I have been choosing gratitude instead. I’ll never know how I got this lucky, I do know that the gratitude I feel constantly motivates me to keep working hard to stay present and intentional for my beautiful clients. Capturing their love, their joy, their everyday, fills me with so much purpose. If you are someone who has trusted me to capture these moments for you in the past decade I just want to express my deepest and most sincere THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing me into your most intimate, delicate moments to create something you (and I) will cherish forever. Thank you for your vulnerability, your joy, warmth, support and your encouragement.

Below are my favorites photos from each one of the sessions I’ve had this year (bear with me, it’s a long one!) Happy 2020, friends!
















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